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Overview – The ACCA Qualification


The ACCA Professional Scheme is a highly relevant, targeted combination of study and practical experience. The syllabus is a result of extensive research and consultation with governments, students, colleges and employers from a range of public and private sector organisations.

Wherever you are in the world, ACCA strives to offer consistently high standards of training and support. Our personal and virtual study options have been developed to ensure that you have maximum control over what you learn, the way that you learn it, and the pace at which you work.

Future employers will be aware of your potential, because the ACCA qualification is highly regarded throughout the world. ACCA have effective relationships with local and multinational organisations, accounting bodies, corporations and institutions including governments and even the United Nations.

The ACCA qualification is a passport to a new world of opportunity - once you become a member, the learning process continues throughout your career. The range of educational opportunities includes a degree qualification, plans for a specifically tailored MBA and a constantly updated range of courses in all areas of finance and management.


Entry Requirements

Professional Entry Route (PER)

Aged 18 years and above, with a minimum of 5 SPM / O-Level credits, including English and Mathematics, or equivalent.

In addition, students must fulfill one of the criteria below:

·         2 Credits at STPM or A-Level

·         Pre-University pass, with Distinction

·         Degree from an approved university (Note: Recognition of these qualifications are solely determined at the discretion of ACCA, UK)

Should you have a relevant degree from an ACCA-accredited institution, you may be granted exemptions of up to all 9 Papers at the Fundamentals Level. No exemptions are awarded at the Professional Level.



January & July 2017 (Full-time & Part-time)

Examination Periods

March, June, September & December 2017


Time Frame for Completion of Studies

Most students attempt from 2 to 3 papers each semester and thus graduate in 3 years. However, ACCA grants up to a maximum of 10 years to attain its qualification


Structured Teaching and Learning Approaches

Kasturi School of Accountancy has a structured approach in imparting knowledge to its students. Each paper consists of a minimum of 20 lectures and tutorials, comprising 3 hours each per week. Attendance is mandatory for all lectures.


Intensive Revision classes for each paper are compulsory, comprising a minimum of 18 to 21 hours per paper. These sessions are designed to refresh students’ knowledge, enhance the application skills, and improve examination technique.

In addition, each paper consists of 2 internal exams. These internal exams are indicators of students’ progress in their studies.

KPT / JPS 5195/135/JId.I(36)


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